Rochester Falls

The Rochester Falls are located in the south of Mauritius between the two towns St Félix and Soulliac. The route to the Rochester Falls which is crossing through sugarcane fields is well signed from the main coastal road.

The Rochester Falls are the widest waterfalls in Mauritius. The plenty of freshwater which is coming from the highland of Mauritius is crashing down the interesting shaped lava rocks from a high of almost 10 meters. The environment of the Rochester Falls is really nice and natural. The waterfall is surrounded by sugarcane fields, environment-rochester-falls-places-to-visit-mauritusbanana plantations and the amazing river bed in which the waterfall is flowing.

You will find an enjoyable silence around the area where the Rochester Falls are located where you won’t hear any other noises except the rush of the water.

Close to the Rochester Falls is a car park from where you only need to walk five minutes to reach the waterfall. You can go to the top of the waterfall as well as to the bottom, when you walk a small track down to the river. From the bottom you have also the possibility to make a nice walk along the river bed.