Light House of Albion

The small city Albion, with a population of approximately 3300, is located on the west coast of Mauritius between Flic en Flac and Port Louis. In general I would say that Albion is a very calm place. It can even been said that it has a sleepy charisma. The residential area is mainly taken by well-off Mauritian which you can obviously see through the magnificent villas which represent most of the houses in the residential area of Albion.

Even though Albion is located directly on the coast tourism takes only a small part in this coastal resort. Except of a big Club Med Resort which was build up on the light-house-albion-places-to-visit-mauritiussouthern end of Albion a few years ago there are just a few additionally accommodations for tourists available. The public beach of Albion is a small, calm bay covered with white sand, view-of-light-house-albion-places-to-visit-mauritiusseveral trees, and off course the turkeys blue lagoon in front. You can see quite a lot fisher boats in front of the beach which gives you the typical Mauritian flair.

A nice attraction of Albion is the light house which is situated on the northern border of the town close to the sea cliff. The light house is 30 meter high and still in use for controlling the sea traffic. If you want to visit the light house there is a big chance that you will be the only visitor. The environment is very peaceful and useful to take a pause and listen to the rush of the Indian Ocean in loneliness.
There is also the possibility to step up the light house. For that purpose you need to ask the owner who is living just next to the light house to unlock the door for you. On the top of it you can enjoy a beautiful view all over the west coast and the sea cliff of Mauritius.