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Posted on June 10th, 2015



Mautourco has more than six decades of experience in Destination Management Services and is the entrusted partner for professionals in the tourism sector worldwide.  We have the fundamental belief that guide and motivate our attitudes and actions.


Our Core values


People : We promote a strong sense of family spirit, accessibility, humility, togetherness, and loyalty among our people


Excellence : Our reputation for excellence is rooted in our professionalism, smartness, security, expertise, experience, seriousness, sense of organisation, discipline, and reliability


Passion : We are a passionate team with a culture of dynamism, energy, motivation, productivity, fun and flexibility


Smile : We are proud ambassadors of the legendary Mauritian warmth, which is reflected by our positive and optimistic attitude towards our guests, to whom we bring happiness through caring for their every need.


Our Sustainable Principles:

Being a major player in Destination Management Services in Mauritius, we are aware of the negative as well as positive impacts of Tourism on our island and our world.

We strongly believe that every single activity carried out by us can have an influence which can go in either direction.


Website :



84 Gustave Colin St., Forest side   

Tel: +230 604 3000  |  Fax: +230 674 3720